Meet the Association

Robb Reichard
Vice President

I’ve lived in Wissinoming for 30 years and it’s got so many things going for it – great housing stock, wonderful places to eat and drink, a beautiful park, and easy access into Center City.  Getting involved with the Civic Association has allowed me to meet neighbors who also love Wissinoming and make some great new friends.

Catherine Talarchek

Moved to Wissinoming less than a decade ago. Feel it’s important to know as much as possible about the community.  It’s not only about what it has or has not to offer but what we can do as community to meet it’s needs.  Basically just caring and not throwing our hands up and stating “it’s time to move out” which I hear from many seasoned residents.  Let’s BE the change. 

Francis Torres Jr
Sgt Of Arms 

Life long Wissinoming resident. Spent a many of summer at American Legion (Devereaux)
Local Community Person

John Nolen
Treasurer / RCO Rep